Wednesday, April 05, 2006

if you walk a mile in another woman's manolos...

check this. very interesting debate.

i found myself surprisingly unoffended (inoffended? heh) by mim's original post, actually. but after reading k's insights and arguments, i got a bit more worked up.

i ended my consideration of this debate with a closer scrutiny of mim's blog template. i found it very interesting that she ornaments her homepage with an image (ostensibly of herself) of a very slim woman, with lovely long hair, her oh-so-pert posterior center stage... holding the hand of her child.

milf-wannabe much??

but anyway, i spose we all fall short when we make inconsiderate, unfounded assumptions about "the other."

so yeah, i say this: skinny bitches (and i say that with as much affection as jealousy), shut yer traps about shit you don't know shit about.

while i'm overweight now, i've been thin for most of my life, and fuck yeah... if i looked as great from behind as the chick on mim's blog, i'd plaster front and center on my blog, too.

i only hope that my experience in a heavier woman's body makes me a little more circumspect and respectful, should i ever get back to my college weight (or thereabouts.)


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