Friday, September 15, 2000

Been on hold with PacBell for over a half hour now. They are going to disconnect our service unless I pay them $147 or dispute the charges, which I am trying to do.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

help i might be preggers :-) :-( ??? oh noooo... today in the car on my way to work the entire Alice news section was devoted to baby-related stories!! too weird. then i called MoMo and she'd been listening as well. She totally wants me to be PG. Brat!! I'm 99% sure Matt will be excited, even though he did freak out a bit on me a week or so ago... In general, though, he seems ready to start "trying" -- as Mo says, I'm a bigtime fertile myrtle@!

Monday, September 11, 2000

ok, doing a lil bit better. although trying to redeem my $10 coupon at goddamn is no picnic. i'm only patronizing them out of loyalty to john... tho, to be fair, i must admit our network connection is way slow, thanks to Pedro and his tour of lameass flash sites...

My zen fountain is out of water and my lavalamp is turned off. All the lights are dim and no music is playing. I think I may have to slit my RSI-crippled wrists. When I woke up this morning, there was so much dew that the deck was dripping. I could have sworn it rained last night. I ran upstairs to check on the adirondack chairs and they were pretty fucking soaked. I hope they're not ruined :-( Matt didn't help me with them at all this weekend.

We had so much going on...
  • drove to Tiburon to pick up Giants tix @ Klaus's place. Admired his kickass view and adorable baby, Carson.
  • got in many tiffs with Pat & Maureen over which beach to go to, then finally settled on Stinson. Turns out that dogs are allowed near the picnic tables, and it would have been fun to bring them (unless those yappy pomeranians had decided to bark instead of play)
  • ate & drank at Stinson, and went for a very nice walk on the beach.
  • Matt went to Vic's bday party, while I stayed at home & sanded the chairs. They looked awesome & I was cheered up.
  • left for Giants game at 10:38am on Sunday -- couldn't attend Charlie's 2nd bday after all :-(
  • arrived at Pac Bell Park 1.5 hours early. I brought (but did not read) 8 million magazines & books.
  • watched Giants kick the Padres' asses! Took lots of pix of the stadium. Had fun with MoMo & Pat.
  • got back home at 5pm, walked & fed puggies
  • drove to HomeDepot to pick up more assorted sanding/refinishing items
  • finished sanding chairs, rubbed off grit with tack cloth
  • watered front & back yards!

So I was happy to have gotten all that done.

Now Matt is driving up to Calistoga, lucky bastard.

Net Worth Calculators: A good idea, if they work.

Mondays don't rock.

Friday, September 08, 2000

I was worried about the WSP agenda - but I started blogging my ideas, and it worked! And then I created a WSP-specific blog! No one believes that it is free.

Thursday, September 07, 2000

fucking world gym is so goddamn impossible to deal with. which manages to squeeze every last drop of initiative i have to actually get my ass over there. i hate that fucking place.

this is where i want to work: EGOmedia
I love their site, the soundtrack, the video images in that black on white no shades of gray style.

today i found out what happened to brian's wife. i had a feeling. he is megacool.

Wednesday, September 06, 2000

the city is going to eradicate the last bastion of local free parking where i work, changing it to 2-hour, metered parking. $#&$^%&^$%!!!! there's a public hearing coming up on 9/15. I've rallied the troops and we'll see who shows up & how much (if any) say we have about this. my commute is already over an hour each way, door to door. and i live a mere 15 miles away from work!!

ok, i guess template is fine for now.

had a good meeting today with Innova, ec-integration firm that matty recommended. looks like they could be the right ones to partner with. just wish someone from bizdev had been there... scared to think of all the things our guys don't know, though. i've got buttloads on my plate, and all i feel like doing is blahgging.

i hafta:
  1. update preso with web/ia capabilities
  2. define doc template
  3. work on page schematics
  4. finalize docs for process book
  5. plan questions/actions for WSP

not to mention...
  1. re-sand Adirondack chairs
  2. plan nyc trip
  3. doctor/dentist appts
  4. resolve gym account issue


what's tempting right now...
  • Ren & Stimpy's Stinky Little Christmas (VHS)
  • HGs @ work
  • car with "wayback"
  • 24/7 slack

...messin around with blog template.
...gettin my lunch delivered via intern.
...wonderin what to do tonight.
...plannin my ten-day nyc vacation.
(balthazar and nobu are OUT, as i haven't called for reservations. DAMN.)

phunny words:
radha krishnan
hurdy gurdy

wee funny site: Mingers: Home of the Facially Inept

the 00s version of Glamour Don'ts?

Tuesday, September 05, 2000

the art of imperfection is what this is about.

i bought this book today for MoMo's 30th birthday. but i'm reading it first. may have to buy a 2nd copy if i get too many chocolate fingerprints on it.

oh! good news!
"Here comes some good news from the European Society of Cardiology. It seems that we will be just fine if we replace that occasional visit to Starbuck's with a trip to the Godiva outlet. A report presented to the conference claims that a chocolate a day was actually good for the heart. Boy, is my heart going to be healthy! In fact, the report says that a chocolate a day may be as good for you as a glass of red wine."